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Kappa Publishing Group, Inc. is the worlds leading publisher of puzzle magazines. Kappa also publishes magazines in the fields of astrology, games, and specialty titles.

Sales and Marketing


Licensing and Affiliate Programs

Sales and Marketing

Whether you are visiting our Web site for the first or the hundred-and-first time, we hope that you have been enjoying our various magazines as much as we enjoy creating them. If you are visiting our site because you are having problems finding a specific magazine at your local retail outlet, we want to hear about it. You can contact us by e-mail or phone to let us know where you live and shop, and we will do our utmost to ensure that our magazines become available to you. You may also view our list of major retailers where some or all of our magazines are sold.

If you are a retailer that wants to know more about our product line, we would be more than happy to detail the advantages of offering Kappa magazines for sale at your location(s). Click here and you can e-mail us information on how we can contact you or call our sales and marketing staff directly. We will be glad to answer any questions or set up an appointment to meet with you.

Kappa puzzles are the number-one choice with consumers. We are proud to state that the 10 best-selling puzzle titles are all published by Kappa. We also publish Games Magazine, which since its debut in 1977 has been the premier game and puzzle magazine in North America. We are also a leading publisher of Astrology titles, and a highly regarded series of special interest one-shot titles.

We look forward to the opportunity to show you how we can enhance your magazine sales with the many programs we offer.

Circulation is the heartbeat of any successful publication.  Healthy renewals indicate a strong publication, while the attraction of new subscribers strengthens our pulse and prospects. We bring these together to develop a consistent strategy, making this the ongoing goal of Kappa Publishing Group’s marketing services.

Licensing Programs
If your company or organization is looking for a fun and unique idea for a product or a promotion, Kappa Publishing Group, Inc. has the perfect solution. We offer a wide variety of puzzles that range from very easy to very challenging, are fun to solve, and are great for the whole family.

Affiliate Programs
Kappa’s Marketing clients include main stream publications, retail and fashion, packaged-goods, manufacturers, home decorative, internet, health and beauty products, financial services, and many more. 

For more information about our licensing and affiliate programs, please contact:

Dave Tyler
Newsstand Circulation Director
215.643.6385 ext. 128

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